The Story behind the Aeroplane House in Abuja Nigerian

Talking of the ‘aeroplane house’ in Abuja, one many residence of the nation’s capital are familiar with.

However, not so much is known about the story behind the beautiful and captivating edifice.

story behind the Aeroplane House

In a recent interview by BBC with the owner, Said Jammal, which reveal story behind the Aeroplane House and interesting facts about the building.

Mr Jammal who is a contractor, revealed he built the house for his wife, Liz so she will always feel like she was in a plane.

This was due to her love for traveling and the house was his own way of trying to keep her close to him.
Jammal revealed that he completed a room in the building before moving in with his family. Although he started building the house in 1999, he is yet to finish it.

The elderly man who is proud of the building he constructed, stated that it has attracted tourists to Abuja.

When asked why he built the house in Nigeria, Jammal stated without hesitation that Nigeria was his home and he had no other place.

The contractor who has six children stated he gave birth to all of them in the city of Jos.

Speaking about the house, one of his sons, Mohammed Jammal popularly known as the White Nigerian, revealed he was 12 years when his father started the house.

He also spoke about his father’s desire to leave a legacy both in Nigeria and across the world.

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