Terror group planning fresh UK and Europe attacks – MI5 Warns

ISIS terror group are plotting a new wave of terrorist attacks across the UK by using “crocodile cells” consisting of sleeper agents hiding in plain sight in western Europe, an expert has warned.

Charlie Winter, of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King’s College London, told MailOnline: “Now that Isis has been defeated in Syria and Iraq, it will become more violent outside this area.

It’s a grim outlook, but we are likely to see more attempts at attacks, more regularly, for the foreseeable future.

Sri Lanka was not a one-off. If anything, it was a test run.”

Mohamed, 36, blew himself up at the Tropical Inn in Colombo on Easter Sunday.

According to gathered report, Intelligence services believe Mohamed failed to detonate his bomb at a five-star hotel and may have done so by accident at a much smaller one.


UK counter-terrorism investigators are trying to establish links with extremist organisations during his time in Britain.

At the time, Mohamed had been enrolled on an aerospace engineering degree at the Asian Aviation Centre in Sri Lanka, during which students spend their third and final year at Kingston University. He is also known to have returned to Britain in 2008.

Mustafa Bali, head of the Syria Defence Force media office, hailed the “total elimination of the so-called caliphate” of ISIS last month.

He wrote, using the Arabic acronym Daesh for ISIS,: ”Baghouz has been liberated. The military victory against Daesh has been accomplished.”

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