Nigeria Border Closure: Custom Updates Igbo Traders

After recent directive from the government, the Nigerian Customs Services has dismisses the narrative that the closure of the land borders is targeted at importers from a particular region of the country .

Nigeria Custom Updates Igbo Traders after the government release recent directives on border closer and the transportation of fuel to station closer to the borer.

A spokesperson for the custom service, Joseph Attah, explains that the closure is to prevent Nigeria from being used as a dumping ground by neighbouring countries Attah says it is necessary to update Nigerians that the blockade is in the interest of the country.

The Nigerian Customs Services (NCS) has dismissed the narrative that importers and exporters of various goods from the southeast who use land borders were the target of the border closure exercise.

The Nation reports a spokesperson for the service, Joseph Attah, at a meeting with importers and exporters of goods in Aba on Thursday, November 7, explained that the land border closure was to prevent Nigeria from being used as a dumping ground by neighbouring countries.

Attah said the sensitization was necessary to update Nigerians that the blockade was in the interest of the country.

He noted that no region in Nigerian was being targeted by the blockade, adding that the action was taken by the federal government in the interest of national security and economy.

The customs spokesperson said neighbouring countries had turned Nigeria into a dumping ground because of the country’s large population.

He said some Nigerians had also adopted the wrong notion that anything that comes from outside is better than what is locally produced even when the quality is in doubt.

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Attah said that some of the products imported into the country were unfit for consumption. He gave an instance that most of the rice imported into Nigeria have overstayed in their producing countries are either expired or about to expire.

He said neighbouring countries buy rice at cheap prices and import in Nigeria. The customs officer stated that such products result in health hazards after consumption.

He stated that importers and exporters are free to use the sea and airports to carry on with their businesses pending when the borders will be re-opened.