Monster alligator casually strolls across golf course ‘like a dinosaur’

Incredible footage captures an enormous nine-foot alligator stroll across a golf course during a game.alligator casually strolls across golf course

Golfers preparing to finish the 17th hole at the Club at Savannah Harbor in Georgia, US, was amazed to see the large monster alligatorcasually wander onto the green.

Ed Vance, who caught the creature on camera, said: “I will always remember the sound of his feet when he was walking on the green.

The video doesn’t pick it up, but the ‘thud, thud, thud’ sound was what you would think a dinosaur sounds like. It was surreal.

The clip, shared widely on social media, shows the animal step nonchalantly past the golfers and head towards the hole. It stops to rest beside the flag before eventually sloping off into the pond.

Mr Vance, from Savannah, can be heard in the video saying: “That is nuts… Dude, that’s a monster.”

Speaking to Island Packet after the encounter, he added: “It did not appear to notice or care about us at all. “It just wanted to get back to the pond.

“This was definitely a different experience. He was massive and you just don’t expect them to walk up to the green while you are there.

“We notice them [alligators] and respect them, but really don’t pay that much attention to them because we are used to them and we expect them to be there. It is their habitat we are in.

Earlier this month, a giant alligator weighing 50 stone was spotted in the same state. Brent Howze, a wildlife biologist, said people thought the photos of the beast had been edited online.

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