Liverpool fans Hangs EPL Hope on Burnley and Leicester

Hope does strange things to people, including quite a few Liverpool fans who are can’t stop dreaming of winning the EPL.

The Premier League is gripped by the tensest title battle in years, as Manchester City lead Liverpool by a single point with just three games of the season to play.

Both sides have had sensational campaigns, but there can only be one winner will City win back-to-back titles or can Liverpool win the league for the first time in the Premier League era?

All eyes are on the title race and that means there’s plenty of room for fans of other teams to have a bit of fun.

With Liverpool needing Man City to drop points to end 29 years of hurt, that Burnley YouTube kid Vizeh has convinced loads of Reds fans to update their Twitter profile pics to a picture of Burnley’s striker Ashley Barnes ahead of the Clarets’ game against City on Sunday.

After Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Manchester United men failed to provide the stumbling point in City’s race for the title on Wednesday, Liverpool fans’ hopes now turn to Ashley and his pals, who recently helped put a spanner in the works for Chelsea’s top four ambitions.

Could it work? Probably not, no. But there is reason for Liverpool fans to hope that Burnley could prove a bit sticky for Pep’s lads.

We researched it. It checks out. They are the king slayers.

If Burnley fails, who else can stop City

Brenden Rodgers

Failing that, there’s another man who may want to exercise some demons…

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Former Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers, who came very close to winning the Premier League with the Reds in 2014, now manages Leicester City who Man City will face in their penultimate game on 6 May.

Maybe Brendan will be the hero of Anfield once again? Of course, that is assuming Liverpool don’t ruin the party for themselves they’ve got a bit of form for that.

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