how to avoid getting robbed in traffic, How to avoid Getting robbed in Traffic, SALASDOEPOST

How to avoid Getting robbed in Traffic

As long as there is endless traffic at strategic places in Lagos state, there is always a risk of passengers getting robbed, injured or worse, killed.

Traffic robbery increases by the day but people can only be warned to be careful and to avoid getting robbed in traffic, How to avoid Getting robbed in Traffic, SALASDOEPOST

However, most of these devilish activities are carried out at nights as innocent lives are lost, people left stranded on major roads/highways as well as leaving people injured.

The police have intervened by staying at some dangerous locations where these acts are carried out but people still need to be cautious of their movements.

So, according to legit report, below are tips that can help you avoid being robbed in traffic especially at nights:

1. Avoid lonely highways:
Over the years, there have been a series of reports about people getting robbed on the highway.

These are strategic positions where the robbers are aware of their victims not being able to get help from passersby.

Unfortunately, this unfortunate incident can take place mostly at nights and a few times during the day.

2. Avoid staying out late:

Another way to avoid being robbed in traffic is to stop keeping late nights. There are also cases of daylight robberies but you will agree that getting robbed at night is rampant. Outings that lead to moving at odd times of the night include clubbing, meetings and much more.

3. Don’t talk to strangers:

We are living in the time where people believe in voodoo (fetish items/charms), so in order not to get robbed in traffic, avoid speaking with strangers who might have used voodoo to talk to prospective robbery victims. Sometimes robbers come to you disguising to be friendly while seeking for directions or information about something.

4. Avoid making use of your phones:
A lot of people have been robbed in traffic via the use of their mobile phones.

In order to be safe, avoid the temptation of bringing out your phones (especially smartphones) from your bags/pockets till you get to your destination. This attracts robbers who wait till traffic hours to carry out their evil acts.


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