Four things women hate during Love Making – Princess Shyngle

Gambia-born actress and model ‘Princess Shyngle , who is currently based in Ghana revealed during an exclusive interview that she hasn’t met a man who could satisfy her sexually.

Four things women hate during Love Making – Princess Shyngle

In her opinion, she said some women hate these attributes during sex, in an Instagram video post that made her look more like a sex therapist than an actress.

According to her, the first thing women detest is when a guy is trying to force things, like pulling his manhood out too early.

“It’s just so irritating when a man pulls out so early. We have just been kissing and in two seconds you are out with your thing? Calm down,” she said.

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Her number two reason is when a guy makes it too obvious he wants oral treatment, she said it’s a total turn off for most women.

“It’s a process, you don’t have to grab her head towards your crotch, it must be natural, let her do it when she’s ready,” she counselled.

She said number three thing women hate is when the man treats the clit sloppily, “ This is a delicate part of the woman, don’t rush your girl to be wet. Don’t rush it, it’s a process.”

Her number four and final reason is the gruff approach of some men to sex. “You don’t have to be rough. It is not a fight,” she said.

Princess Shyngle, who has done some really good movies is a hot customer any day, any time and she has courted her own good share of most damning controversies in her career.

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