Couple murder toddler for preventing them from having sex

A two month old toddler has been allegedly murdered by his own parents because his refusal to sleep prevented the couples from having sex.

Couple murder baby for preventing them from having sex

Luke Morgan, 26 , and Emma Cole, 22, are accused of smothering Tyler Morgan and causing him three broken ribs after being heard arguing at their flat , according to Mirror UK.

Neighbours said, “ Luke was angry because he wanted to have sex with Cole and had been prevented by Tyler being up . ”

Jurors at a court heard that after the baby collapsed, there was a “significant ” delay in contacting the emergency services .

Subsequent investigations discovered that Tyler had sustained serious injuries before his death, including fractured ribs that could only have been caused while he was in the care of his parents .

Prosecutor, Smith, said one neighbour had heard a high-pitched scream, while another described hearing a loud bang.

He said : the prosecution said that Luke Morgan and Emma Cole were plainly arguing in the early hours. Their argument took place at a time when they had both been drinking alcohol. ”

After paramedics arrived at the couple ’s home , the court heard that Morgan said he believed Tyler ’ s collapse was a “ cot death”’ and claimed he had been unable to wake him .

The baby who was in cardiac arrest, was taken to a hospital at 3 .40 am but was pronounced dead at 4 . 03am.

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