A man once offered me 20 cows in order to Marry Me – Yemi Alade

Nigeria sensational Music Diva ‘Yemi Alade has revealed that a man once offered her 20 cows, while begging for her hands in marriage.

Nigeria Music Diva, Yemi Alade, has revealed that a Masai once offered her 20 cows, asking for her hands in marriage.

Yemi Alade said that what dealt the marriage proposal a deadly blow was that the Masai’s friend said she is too fat and cannot build houses.

The Masai people, according to Wikipedia, are a Nilotic ethnic group in northern, central and southern Kenya while they can also be found in northern Tanzania.

Study further reveal that they are about the most popular local people because their homes are always very close to game parks of the African Great Lakes..

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