50 killed in Qasem Soleimani burial in Iran

As lovers and followers from every corner of Iran move pay their last respect to QASEM SOLEIMANI, 50 mourners at burial have been declared dead due to stamped.

solemn burial

As Iran continues to mourn of it’s great generals, Fifty people have been declared killed in a stampede country men from every corner flocked to the burial of a top commander killed in a US drone strike, officials say.

The deaths in Gen Qasem Soleimani’s hometown of Kerman led to the postponement of his interment and a new time will be announced later.

According to source, miillions of Iranian are already estimated to have packed the streets for a series of funeral processions in Iran.

The killing of Gen. Soleimani has raised fears of a conflict between the US and Iran.

ALSO, the head of the Quds force was tasked with defending and projecting Iranian interests abroad, and was hailed as a hero in his home country.

Meanwhile, to the guys in WASHINGTON, he was a terrorist, and in explaining why he ordered the strike President Trump said he was acting on an “imminent” threat.

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